CoQ10 Ubiquinol


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What Real Food Vitamins says about CoQ10 Ubiquinol:

CoQ10 Ubiquinol is a unique formula that contains a bioactive, trademarked form of coenzyme Q10 (Kaneka QH™) – called ubiquinol – for supporting cardiovascular and immune function, as well as other body systems. Studies suggest that low levels of CoQ10 are associated with many cardiovascular and energy-related cell events.

As a crucial part of the electron transport chain, CoQ10 assists in the synthesis of ATP – the energy currency of cells. As part of that process, CoQ10 converts between ubiquinone and biologically-active ubiquinol while acting as an antioxidant.

30 softgels per bottle.

One softgel supplies:

  • Ubiquinol† (reduced CoQ10) 100mg

Other ingredients:

  • D-limonene oil, gelatin, glycerin, purified water, caprylic acid, capric acid, caramel liquid, and alpha lipoic acid.

This product is gluten free and dairy free.