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Our mission at Real Food Vitamins® is to provide the highest quality supplements and the best customer service all in one place. That means you can stop spending hours searching for high-quality supplements—we’ve got what you need, and we’ll get it to you fast. We offer pharmaceutical-grade supplements that are well absorbed and free of contaminants, additives, artificial sweeteners or junk fillers. We select our supplements based on their efficacy and overall quality, ensuring that we only stock the very best. When you order from us, you know you’re getting top notch, professional grade nutritional supplements, period.

At Real Food Vitamins™, here are a few things we do for you:

A Little More About Us

Have you ever walked into a supplement store and wished you had somebody you could trust to just tell you what would work and what wasn’t worth the pretty package it came in? Since supplements aren’t approved by the FDA, they’re not tested for quality or effectiveness, so you could find yourself trying a lot of overpriced garbage before ever landing on a supplement that’s right for you. Enter Real Food Vitamins®.

Started by Registered Dietitian, and advocate for real food, Dietitian Cassie® of HealthySimpleLife.com®, Real Food Vitamins® offers pharmaceutical-grade supplements with no additives, no junk fillers, no artificial sweeteners—just the honest-to-goodness nutrients that you would find in real food. They’re easy for your body to absorb and highly effective at supplementing—not replacing—the vitamins and minerals that real food provides your body with to keep it running efficiently.

Best of all, not only do our vitamins leave out the junk ingredients, but they also leave out the additional time and costs of retail, shelving and other “middle man” expenses. That means you end up with the highest quality products, at rock-bottom prices, delivered right to your door, every time.

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